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A brief welcome to your site (1 paragraph)


Hello everyone JOY RAMROOP here would like to share a little insight why every little girl likes wearing dresses. Well I am a busy stay at home mom with three children. I have one daughter which I like very much. In my spare time I like creating and sewing dresses for her to wear. I really like dressing my little princess like a baby doll .


It is every girl dream to own a dress. Every parent will ensure that their girl child has one. It is an everyday wear and most of the time we would want to put on the comfortable cotton dress to ensure that they feel all comfortable throughout the day. Most girls dreams of fairy tales and would definitely like to own a Cinderella or ball room dresses. Be it to go to a party or wedding or church. We all like to dress our little princess once in a while.

My little daughter like wearing the floral cotton dresses during the day. It makes her feel all comfortable and relax. At night, she will wear night gowns or the Jersey material dresses. Most of her clothes she likes imprinted a little princess character like Elsa and Anna or a sleeping beauty or Cinderella. It makes them feel like a princess and give them confidence in what they wear.

Most girls dreams about wearing a ballroom ???? . So therefore we incorporate it into their life, We may wear a ballroom dress to go to wedding or Sunday church or birthday party

I just love seeing all little girls in a dress they look so adorable.


Every girl should own a dress. It’s an everyday wear for all girls. I am sure you would like to see your girls in a beautiful dress.

So if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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